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Product Range
 Consumables for Non Ferrous Foundry
  (Mfd., by Chem Trend)
     -  Die Lubricants
     -  Plunger Lubricants
  (Mfd by MEPCO. India.)
Chem Trend - 50 year old global leader in mould release agents which are engineered to maximize customers productivity, reduce their overall cost of operation and help them deliver high quality finished products, has endorsed "Shreyas" partnership in distributing their Die Lubricants / Plunger Lubricants in the State of Tamilnadu.
Shreyas in its ever quest to provide foundrymen improved value added products that has low environmental impact joins Chemtrend which does utmost to improve health, safety environmental aspects at its customers facilities. Chem Trend's value, product performance and dependency sells their products World over & as their channel partner are glad to provide you release agents that is value for money.
Chem Trend Products provide: Value
  • Reducing Consumables / Material / Energy
       -  Reduced part defects - less downgraded products and scrap
       -  High efficiency release agents and related goods means less is required for each part produced
       -  Lower scrap rates and products developed to work without a baking process or without water means
          less energy required
       -  Fewer molds required to produce the same output due to higher efficiency rates
  • Reducing Manufacturing Downtime
       -  Quick application
       -  Reduction in amounts used and applied
       -  Reduced equipment failure (worn, damaged equipment from harsh cleaners, improper lubrication, etc.)
       -  Reduced line problems (i.e., molds that need cleaning, clogged injectors, etc.)
       -  Keeping molds in service for longer periods between cleaning cycles
       -  Reduced rework by providing easier part extraction and fewer damaged parts
       -  Easier, and faster, release agent application
  • Performance
  • For over 50 years, day in and day out best performing chemical speciality products are given by Chem trend. They are continually test and re-tested around Chem trend's labs around the Globe to make certain both standard and customized formulations meet the highest levels of performance.
    Here are a few examples of why Chem-Trend is a global performance leader:
  • First to establish a commercially viable high-performance, water-based Die Lubricant back in the 1960s when the
       industry considered it an impossible feat.
  • Developed a tire curing bladder treatment that can be cured onto the bladder at room temperature in roughly the
       same amount of time as the oven cured type - saving customers massive amounts in energy cost, and
       the investment in overhead and equipment for operating bladder curing ovens.
  • Developed products to work with difficult to cast Aluminum / Magnesium alloys (Al-Mg) in high pressure die casting,
       helping to overcome the alloy’s aggressive attributes toward tooling, its tendancy to crack during casting
       and improving its fluidity allowing industry to take advantage of the alloy's strength and deformation charecteristics.
  • Developed a water-based, user-friendly release agent for the manufacture of epoxy-based wind turbine blades and
       other similar composite type products that provided as many releases per application as traditional solvent-based
       products and could be spray applied instead of wiped on, saving manufacturers significant amounts in
       labor and time.
  • Dependability
  • Discover how Chemtrend makes sure your line keeps running smoothly. This is what it all comes down to isn't it? For over 50 years Chem Trend has embraced, and embedded trust and dependability as core values. They deliver anytime and every time, with products and services that enable you to produce more, better, faster and at a lower cost.
    Visit : www.chemtrend.com for more information on release agents
    and for products ex stock enquires write to us at info@shreyasindia.in
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